Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gaffe Watchers

A gaffe is a verbal miscue, a brain glitch that shouldn't have come out of one's mouth, a goof, a ridiculously inane statement. I've found several that were good for guffaws at, a website of the Media Research Council, where bad reporting, arrogance, and stupidity come humorously together for all to point fingers at and laugh. Here are three:
• Chris Matthews of MSNBC is appalled that Sarah Palin talks about her faith in God, and that she will make her decision to run for president, or not, in 2012 based on guidance she receives as a result of prayer. "Talking about God in a political settling is troubling to a lot of people," Matthews said. (Maybe before Chris decides to run for the Senate from Pennsylvania, where ignorant people cling to their guns and their God, he should follow Sarah's example.) Chris also says that Joe Biden, the gaffemeister, is the most picked on politician in 30 years. Or maybe Chris is auditioning for Press Secretary in the Obama Administration...
• Katie Couric's advice to Sarah Palin: She should keep her head down, work really hard and learn about governing. (Maybe if Katie took her own advice about her own career, she might have a news program that didn't stink on ice.)
• From NewsBusted, a little comic vignette posted on the website every week: Barack Obama was elected president and the stock market fell ten percent. That must mean the stock market is racist.
Look at it like this: a few laughs a day keeps the ulcers away. Let's keep yukking it up out there.

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