Friday, April 2, 2010


We visited Richfield recently for a day, the place where we lived for 33 years, and went to church with old friends. It was wonderful to renew acquaintances and to reflect on new friends who appreciate us for who we are. That reflection broadened and I thought about other things I love about my life.

• Being with extended family more often and being able to entertain them – It's so much fun to plan and give a dinner party! These are wonderful people we haven't been able to see very often in the last 33 years, and it's great to have them in our home.
• Having a pedicure - Since it's so hard to coordinate my bifocals with the bending of knees and the placement of a nail clipper, I'm grateful for people willing to clip my toenails. Of course, I love the leg massage that goes along with it.
• 12 other people in my family - That number will probably be growing, now that Jordan and Heather have decided to adopt, and I'm thrilled at the prospect of having a new baby to love.
• Getting into the creative zone - There's nothing to compare with the moment a new idea dawns. A thought attributed to Robert Louis Stevenson: "I hate to write, but I love to have written." I've found a marvelous critique group here who have helped me make real progress on writing projects.
• Living in Provo - I love our sweet new manageable home and especially love having people visit. We are in a quiet neighborhood ten minutes from everything and I look forward to being able to get out and walk as the weather improves. We've been to art shows, plays and concerts since we moved here, and movies. It's nice to be able to go out in public and not be shouted at by students who recognize us. At last we are anonymous.
• Flowers in the house - Since we've been here, and for a little while before we left Richfield, we started buying flowers more often, and it adds a dimension of civilization that I hadn't fully appreciated before. Something about having a bouquet of flowers on the table inspires me to keep the clutter cleared away.
• My wonderful husband - He took such good care of me last year when I was recovering from knee surgeries, and he's still in the habit. It's great to have the companionship, the stimulating conversations, the hearty laughs together. And the love.
• Feeling valued by people I respect.
• Seeing Mt. Timpanogos out the kitchen window every day.
• Hearing the train whistle in the distance.
• As spring emerges, discovering what's planted in the yard - Today some brave little daffodils along the back fence tried to hold their heads up as spring snow fell. Globe willows are greening up all over. And my spring allergies have arrived.
• Serendipity – discovering "omelette night" at the hospital cafeteria. We had a "girls night out" Tuesday and enjoyed the company as much as the food.
• Decorating our new home and exploring new styles, creating the comfort we want to live in.
• Tackling new projects and having time enough for everything.
• The prospect of filling our guest room with family and friends this summer – bring 'em on!
• The stimulation of reading and writing, the fun of sharing my experiences and talents with others.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it comes from a grateful heart, and it's a good place to begin. What do you love about your life?


Megan said...

what a fantastic list! I need to take you up on a pie making class. :-)

Mary said...

Thank you for that list Pam! It's nice to hear that someone else loves many of the same things I also love about my place in this neighborhood. I'm a little jealous that you can see Timpanogos. I used to have a great view when we first moved here, and I made time for leisurely breakfasts as I watched that mountain pass through the seasons. Before our first year was up, though, the barn across the street was torn down and the roof on a new home that took its place was blocking my view. Oh well.

Right under family, the gospel, etc., my list, which includes some of the things you are grateful for, would have my little plot of land. I am so blessed to have my quarter acre property where I can work the soil and design a landscape. It is my living canvas, and I can finally appreciate that it is a work that will take many years and will still always be changing, ever after it is "done" (whatever that means!).

doodlebug said...

I love your list Pam. Thanks for making me think about a new post for my blog. It reminded me of my mother...she was always encouraging us to write down what we were thankful for. After she passed away my sister and I had a great time finding her "thankful lists" all around the house.
I love the fact that you and Roger live here in our neighborhood and come to choir! I feel blessed to know you. Thanks!