Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sailing Away Again

Well, they talked us into it. We thought he was kidding when a brother-in-law, Gary, asked us if we were going on the Panama Canal cruise with the rest of the family. But he wasn't. Howard, the other brother-in-law, is really good at finding deals and doing all the business end of things for us, so he's booking it this week. They already have 50% occupancy. We're going to get veranda staterooms this time. Howard's parents are going, too, and he's notifying the rest of the family. Six of the seven Williams siblings and their spouses went on a one-week cruise a couple of years ago. For me it was BKRS (Before Knee Replacement Surgery) so I did okay on the ship but not so much on shore, especially in the heat. (HATED Jamaica!) Now I'm doing really well and will probably get along much better with various activities, so I'm looking forward to it. Isn't this what people are supposed to do when they're retired?

Here's the rundown:
Friday, April 29 - depart Miami FL
Saturday and Sunday - at sea
Monday, May 2 - docked at Cartagena, Colombia
Tuesday, May 3 - docked at Colon, Panama
Wednesday, May 4 - cruising through the Panama Canal
Thursday, May 5 - at sea
Friday, May 6 - dock at Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Saturday, May 7 - at sea
Sunday, May 8 - dock at Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala
Monday, May 9 - at sea
Tuesday, May 10 - dock at Acapulco, Mexico
Wednesday, May 11 - at sea
Thursday, May 12 - dock at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Friday, May 13 - at sea
Saturday, May 14 - arrive at San Diego CA

We'll need passports, and new luggage, and… Excuse me while I start making lists.


jww said...

Oh, oh, oh, oh!!!! You can use your passports to go to Niagara Falls with me, too!!!!

The cruise sounds really great! (Just remember to lock the wheels on Gary's wheelchair this time.... or not, depending on your mood.)

P.S. I love the new background for your blog--the library is a great touch.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like a lot of fun. YOu will probably enjoy it more with your new knees. Have a great time!

Mary said...

That's definitely how I plan to spend some of my retirement time. Good for you!

(I know it's probably too early for me to be thinking about retirement. Right now my young children just keep me on "tirement". Still, I can dream.)

Anonymous said...

Sign ME up.

mindy said...

ooh, you'll be in Costa Rica (where David served his mission) on my birthday (May 6)! We hope to make it down there sometime.

That sounds like a wonderful trip!