Sunday, January 8, 2012

A New Perspective on…

1 be sick, spew, heave, retch, gag, get sick; informal: throw up, puke, purge, hurl, barf, upchuck, ralph.
2 regurgitate, bring up, spew up, cough up, lose; informal throw up, puke, spit up.
noun informal: puke, spew, barf.

AH (adorable hubby) doesn't often get sick to the point of losing his lunch, but one day this week he had a touch of flu and his lunch came up for consideration. He's over it now and we're all glad.

This isn't a frequent topic of conversation in our family, except when we go to dinner with AH's siblings, and one brother-in-law is inclined to choose as our destination Chuck-a-Rama, the popular buffet restaurant in Utah, which he usually refers to as "Upchuck." Maybe the first time you hear that it might be mildly amusing, but not the 101st. We're all willing to go there anyway when it's his turn to choose because they have favorites we don't make at home. I'm partial to the variety of salads, scones with honey butter, and bread pudding--which I take to the ice cream bar and squirt caramel sauce on.

Nevertheless, we've been talking about barf a lot lately. And cheering.

Yes--IVF worked, and our son and his wife are pregnant. Now she has morning sickness. I told him that if he wanted a full-spectrum experience, he could at least manage to throw in with her by throwing up with her a few times. He's thinking about it.

They've been married ten years and this is the first time they've been pregnant. We're so thankful for so many factors and medical miracles that have aligned to make this happen for them.

Ethan, our fifth grandbaby, will be eight years old in May so we've been baby-hungry for a while. Now we're all looking forward to August when this long-anticipated, much loved little person will arrive. And very happy at this point about the barfing.


jww said...

As a person living outside the Everlasting Hills, I don't have a Chuck-a-Rama within 2000 miles of me, and I wish I did--I actually really like it. When we went there this summer, there were several things I really liked!! (I do think it's funny that Said Uncle refers to it as "Upchuck," which would seem a derogatory remark, and yet it's his top choice of all the other restaurants in the area that he could choose instead. Odd.) But, yes, as unpleasant as the topic is, I am SO THRILLED for J&H. I can't stop thinking about it or being excited.

Jordan Williams said...

Our next appointment is January 24th. We will get to hear the heartbeat. This week Heather is 8 weeks along. Not so barfy now. We hear that the degree and amount of spewage is a key indicator of gender. Not so barfy means a boy. More barfy means a girl. And of course there is legitimate science to back that up (nots'much).

Donna K. Weaver said...

Congrats on the new grandbaby. My daughter's really had to work for her family, too, though not as hard as your son and his wife.

I love Chuck-a-rama's salad bar.

Mary said...

Umm...this is the grossest beginning to a post that turned out great in the end. Congratulations on the growing next generation. And on no more flu.