Monday, April 23, 2012

Reflections of Spring--the Shortest Season

Before we go from snowy to sultry, as is often the case in Utah at this time of year, I decided to comment on the short season with short poetry--the nature-based 17-syllable challenge of haiku. Some purists say people who aren't Japanese shouldn't write this delicate form of verse, but being a cheeky American, I tend not to listen to those cultural directives.

This is my "spring" collection, although in my notes and files of Stuff, I'm sure I have a few more on other topics. Most of these were written way back when I was in I recall we'd just unloaded all the animals off the ark the previous week...and these little snatches of impressions reflect who I was then, remembering that sometimes in those days it was more about meeting a challenge than making sense. I still think they're kind of charming. Hope you do, too.

I tripped and fell in
the pond last night because the
stars beguiled me so.

This warm night and that
full moon remind me that spring
is for stargazing.

Shall I wrap this warm
breeze, or would you prefer to
wear it home in style?

Shadows float as trees
yawn and nod with the wind. It’s
tired out tonight.

The sad newness of
spring brings wistful smiles of hope,
the soul’s camouflage.


jww said...

Very lovely. Relaxing, even.

Mary said...

I think I would like to wear the warm breeze as I trip into the reflection of the beguiling stars. Thank you for sharing those little verses.

I fell behind on reading blogs for a few weeks, and, as you said, summer is already here and it's only mid-May. All my tulips peeked out in April, hoping to grow to their full 14-inch height...and then they curled up and baked in the sun. Goodbye spring.

Janet Kay Jensen said...

Nice! My favorite was "shall I wrap this up or do you want to wear it?"

Janet Kay Jensen said...

Love it!