Wednesday, October 22, 2008

background of 'Living It Up'

Lainie McGuire and John Marchbanks are minor characters in Living It Down, and meet briefly at the end. Now, in Living It Up, which takes place in 1991, Lainie is ready for a change in direction, with Polly Burke as her business partner at Sophie's Place, Polly's aunt's beautiful old home. Lainie and John, Winston’s law partner, meet when he draws up incorporation papers for the business. John and Lainie are two never-marrieds approaching 40, and are both at peace, madly active in the church, happy with their single lives. When they fall in love, their worlds are turned upside down. He’s an LDS convert of 20 years, oldest son in a big Catholic family, and his parents still don’t approve of his conversion. In many ways, John and Lainie are opposites. He’s a talented artist, acts in community theater, plays the piano, teaches Primary and has a small beach house on the Oregon Coast. He’s devoted to his law practice. She’s from Cedar City, Utah, a dedicated people person, works with the Single Adults in her ward, and does a lot of volunteer work in the community. John lives in a Quail Valley condo on the east bench of Provo, and Lainie lives in a house on the west side near Utah Lake. She is a breast cancer survivor who appreciates every day, even a bad one. John and Lainie are compatible, have a mutual attraction, and just as John is ready to acknowledge that he loves Lainie, he is diagnosed with malignant melanoma, and the world is upside down again. What they learn about themselves and each other through his treatment and recovery, given their cancer statistics, helps them work out the necessary compromises for a future together. Ultimately, it’s all about life. In this book, we also find out what happened to Polly and Winston after they reconciled, and we follow through with the teenagers. There's another parallel/contrasting subplot with Angela and Kyle that has been WAAAY fun to write. These two people really burst into life, and if I ever write another book in this series, it would be about them. But I'm not planning on it right now.

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Jennifer said...

It's a good book--I hope it gets published soon! J.K. Rowling had seven publishers turn her down for Harry Potter before she found (wild!) success!